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Business Cards for the Digital Age

A SIMMSCard is a paper business card’s digital replacement. Information that was once on paper can now be captured instantly and disbursed electronically via one’s smartphone. With this evolving technology, you can send information to anyone at any time you choose.


  • Saves the environment
  • Eliminates embarrassment of running out of cards
  • Decreases frustration of having incorrect information
  • Creates confidence that your contacts will be able to find you when they need you
  • Makes your message stand out and be memorable
  • Puts more information at the fingertips of your contact


  • You will have an endless supply of digital business cards that can be changed automatically without having to rely on a designer or printer
  • There is no need to install an app
  • Recipients can easily see and save your SIMMSCard
  • Leads will never again get lost [2}
  • Stay in contact with contacts (customers) [2}
  • You can capture your customer’s information instantly and send information to them anytime you choose [2}
  • Networking within and out of your organization becomes effortless, and productivity is at an all-time high


1 SIMMS Virtual Cards is not affiliated with the company to produce SIMMSCards. SIMMS Virtual Cards works directly with individuals who want the company's information on their cards. Individuals are responsible for obtaining the proper permissions to use any trademarks.
2 When combined with SMS Messaging